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What is Interior Design all about?

Interior design describes of collection of related projects that turn an interior space into an operational and livable area.

Interior design project are generally constructed from several leading smaller projects. Conceptual development is conducted at the begging of the project, along with consultation with the stakeholders to develop a desired outcome. Then last but not least the execution of the design is completed.

Who is an Interior Designer?

An Interior Designer is any person who undertakes the creation and design of interior space as a source of employment. An Interior Designers main task centres around creating stylish suggestions for the functional design of a space to optimise the aesthetic appearance and functionality of any given space. The designer must take into consideration things like lighting and temperate before working on use of space. The end result has to be practical in order to improve the quality of life of the residents, not to mention the solution must also be visually attractive as well. Often Interior Designers work closely with architects in the design and building stages of a project to maximise the use of space and also to gain architectural approval for some creations.

Interior design is a very unique occupation with an exclusive body of knowledge. Where not only visual enhancements of an interior space is sort after but also maintaining the functionality and the health and safety aspect at the same time. An interior designer should strive to optimise and harmonise the selected interior space.

As there are many different types of interior spaces that an Interior Designer may be asked to work on so some professionals within the field develop a specialisation in one or two areas. Their expertise can there for be limited for example to residential designs or commercial designs. They can develop a taste for hospitality design and work towards being the best in that field only. Some of them become experts in exhibition design. So if you are looking for a design for the specific interior space its best to look for someone who specialises in that field. The profession of Interior Design is without a doubt an art and rather a new discipline that is constantly evolving. To become a successful Interior Designer you’ll need to keep up with the constant evolution of the profession and stay on top of latest trends. 

Interior Designers are educated and tested on the scope and practise of Interior Design. Their knowledge base does not necessarily extend to the engineering and architecture components of design but should at least gives them ability to recognise when it is essential to involve other appropriate authorities in a project.

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