1. I have never used an Interior Designer and wish to know how it works?
    1. I will do an initial consultation in your home or business or in my studio and discuss what you wish to do and give recommendations as to how to go about it.  Refer Services listed on my website.
  2. Why should I use an Interior Designer?
    1. Interior designers have experience in both design and decoration and can objectively look at a space and see the overall possibilities and recommend appropriate solutions to meet your needs.  It saves you time and the risk of expensive mistakes.
  3. How much does it cost?
    1. The cost varies depending on what you require and the valuable advice given will save you well in excess of the money spent on the consultation. If you want a standard consultation it will cost approx $300.
  4. Who uses an Interior Designer?
    1. My clients are just like you and me, they know what they like and dislike and what they want to achieve, yet not quite sure how to go about it.  They may be building, buying a new home or simply wanting to revamp their current home and often feel they don’t have the time to work through the process or find it too daunting on their own.
  5. I’m Building a New Home can you help?
    1. Yes, I can work from architectural drawings and assist you in the selection of both internal and external finishes.



  6. We are Selling our home can you assist?
    1. Yes, to maximise your return it is important to give the best possible impression to prospective buyers and some minor work prior to sale is often well worth the outlay.

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